Accelerating Digital transformation of SMEs

Digital2Value is a platform engaging a pool of certified consultants to support SMEs in the design and implementation of their digital transformation journey, leveraging world class digital transformation framework and tools.

Digital transformation is a profound transformation of the six pillars of your business


Develop a business strategy focused on customer experience and networks.


Automate your processes, connect your value chain, activate collaboration, adopt cloud, agility and DevOps.

Culture & organization

Shift your culture through adoption of growth mindset and silicon valley leadership approaches. Respond to change by implementing agile organization and talent management practices.


Innovate through prototyping and rapid experimentation

Value & competition

Adapt your value proposition, create platforms, not products


Data-driven strategy and execution

D2V Digital Transformation Journey

D2V has developed an innovative and agile approach allowing an iterative and collaborative digital transformation journey.

Envision Phase

Envision Phase

Develop the vision and strategy for change. Develop a Roadmap.

Design Phase

Design Phase

Transform the roadmap into a plan by adopting duality and value modeling.

Engage Phase

Engage Phase

Transform and digitize your business through executing your foundational projects / actions / initiatives.

A user centered experience enabled
by a digital platform

A user centered digital transformation journey is enabled by a digital platform offering a customized experience to SMEs, consultants but also programs led by organizations who care about digital transformation of SMEs (Governments, International Cooperation, Financial institutions, telcos, etc.)

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Consultants Space
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Value Proposition|Digital2Value - Digital Transformation Platform for SMEs

Our products


D2V Digital SME Accelerator

Is a three steps program that enables SMEs to accelerate their growth by leveraging digital transformation. This comprehensive and personalized 6-months support program is designed to meet the needs of dynamic and ambitious SMEs on their journey towards mid-market status.

Start your Digital SME Accelerator Program

Digital2Value - Digital Transformation Platform for SMEs

D2V Market Place

Throughout the digital transformation journey, needs for startup and innovative solutions are identified. These needs are articulated in clear use cases and on with SMEs will be matched with startups registered on the Digital2Value platform.

D2V Market Place|Digital2Value - Digital Transformation Platform for SMEs

D2V Studios

Digital maturity assessment studio:

Certified consultants will assess your actual state, envision your desired future, consider value and alternatives and build the solutions/initiatives to achieve SMEs aspirations. This exercise results in a digital transformation roadmap. our Maturity Assessment is verticalized by industry.

Learning Studio:

Shift your culture and energize your employees to generate more innovation and profitable growth. D2V offers a one stop shop learning catalog for professionals to build their personal learning journey in digital transformation, innovation, lean/agility/devops, disruptive technologies.

Program of Change studio:

Transform the strategic roadmap into an action plan by adopting duality and value modeling, build your program of change, generate short term wins and empower your employees for browed based actions.

Implementation studio:

Transform and digitalize your business through executing your foundational projects / actions / initiatives. Adopt lean/agile approach and methodologies, consolidate gains and manage change.

Case studies

Our value proposition for Consultants

  • Get certified in digital transformation
  • Get access to qualified projects
  • Access to pre-packaged consulting modules, developed by D2V or by other experts and verified by D2V
  • Use a toolbox of content and material for an optimized delivery
  • Be part of an experts community

Our value proposition for SMEs:

  • Digital transformation program delivered based on a proven framework
  • Access to curated best in class consultants with various fields of expertise
  • An engagement management team builds a Digital Transformation Program and a team of consultants matching your business needs
  • Find your documents deliverables on the platform
  • Be part of a community of SMEs to discuss digital transformation issues and successes
  • Get connected to curated startups and tech solutions that respond to your identified needs

Our value proposition for Organizations

You are a NGO, development organization, financial institution or a telco, rethinking your relationship with SMEs in your portfolio as part of your own digital transformation

  • Accelerate your value proposition to SMEs in your portfolio
  • Access a dashboard where they can track the progress and impact on their SMEs based on their own KPIs
  • Leverage a pool of curated and certified consultants, contribute in upgrading their skills, elevating thus the quality of expertise and consulting ecosystem


The Team

Our team build on a broad industry experience and networks to accelerate business growth and impact for our clients.


They believe in us