What we solve

In order to accelerate digital transfomration of SMEs, Digital2Value built a platfrom that connect them with full ecosystem of consultants, development organizations and digital solutions

Digital2Value Platform offers

SME Space

  • Access to best in class consultants and DT expertise
  • Transparent enrollment in to development organization programs
  • Overview about transformation journey

Development Organization Space

  • Reach specific industry – geographic location, market size and scalability
  • Large audience, better ROI, proven expertise, and $ to value persistent & measurable programs

Consultant Space

  • DT Learning zone (trainings and peer to peer learning)
  • Toolbox for consultants (DT assessment studio, deliverables,etc.)
  • Prepackaged consulting work packages

Intentional Data Collection

  • Data collection from all transactions
  • knowledge about SMEs in emerging markets

Digital Maturity Assessment Studio

Based on a defined digital transformation maturity model, the consultants will go through pillars of digital transformations and assess your actual state, envision your desired future, consider value and alternatives and build the solutions/initiatives to achieve SMEs aspirations. The digital transformation roadmap need then to be prioritized, fine tuned and completed.

Consultant Dashboard (MVP stage)

Hired and certified consultants can enroll to a development organization programs, create SMEs or go through an assigment process, initiate a digital maturity assessments, define a digital transformation roadamps, activate more work packages, share deliverables and follow invoicings in one single place. A score is defined for every consultant based on tangile criteria and SMEs feedback.

5 Pillars Digital Transformation Framework and 4 Phases Agile Approach

The Digital Transformation Program is a value-driven partnership with Digital2Value to build a real Digital Transformation roadmap with related success factors, engage following an agile way and realize benefits from digital innovation. The agile approach includes 4 value phases supported by a 5 pillars digital transformation framework.

The Team

Amel Saidane

Co-founder and Biz Dev Partner : is an entrepreneur, ecosystem builder and digital transformation expert. She is president of Tunisian Startups, the association giving a voice to the startup ecosystem. She has started a startup, knowledge management platform, and has been active in the startup ecosystem with various roles. She also acts as management consultant specialising in digital transformation and business strategy. Prior to that she has acted in different sales and client relationship management roles, working for Microsoft, Siemens and Nokia. Amel is an engineer in electro-technics, qualified from the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany, she also holds a Master’s of Science in Business in Digital Economy from the University of Maryland.

Foued Manaa

Co-founder and Managing Partner : is a senior digital advisor, an expert in disruptive innovation and digital transformation. With 24 years of professional experience including 11 years spent at Microsoft Services moving from consulting, to support, to delivery to biz dev & sales. In the last three years he piloted different digital transformation programs, digital solutions (IOT, ML) and a long experience in deploying complex solutions across several industries. On top of a Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences Engineering from University of Tunis – Faculty of Sciences, Foued hold 4 Diplomas in “Disruptive Innovation from Harvard Business School”; "Digital Business Strategies, mastery of the digital transformation framework from Columbia Business School"; "Driving Strategic Impact from Columbia Business School" and finally "Applied Data Science" from Columbia School of Engineering.

Nadim Kharraz

Co-founder and CTO: Nadim Kharraz is a graduate engineer from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, passionate about the world of startups. He has 15 years of experience in the ceramic industry and in parallel 15 years of experience in IT services. He has created several companies in Tunisia and led several IT projects in Tunisia and in Europe. .

Welcome to our SMEs Digital Transformation Platform

MVP Stage

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